Are you tired of spending so much on groceries?

Grocery UniversityYou don’t have to bust your budget to feed your family! Enter Grocery University: a 2 hour, 19 minute audio course that will teach you everything you need to know about making the most of your grocery budget, regardless of whether you’re new to bargain shopping or have been a super-shopper for years.

This original, in-depth course goes deeper than anything you’ve ever seen before and will have you stretching your grocery budget farther than you ever thought possible! I’ve taken years of experience teaching live seminars and developed a comprehensive strategy that’s proven to reduce your grocery budget.

And there’s no reading required! If you’ve been wanting to learn about saving money on your groceries but haven’t had time to sit down and read all the websites you’ve had bookmarked for months, this is the course for you – just download the MP3s and listen anywhere! You’ll learn everything you need to know by listening to the series.

It’s so well-rounded and comprehensive that it will help everyone from the most experienced coupon shopper to a newbie who doesn’t want to clip coupons at all!

What’s Included?

The Grocery University course includes:
Grocery University

✓ 139 minutes of audio MP3 files – learn everything you need to know by listening!
✓ 40-page student workbook (PDF) with more tips, visual aids, and example scenarios.
BONUS! The Grocery University Rock Bottom Price Database PDF ($10 value on its own!)

All information is delivered digitally so you can start learning right away! Keep reading for more information or buy now so you can listen immediately.

Download Grocery University

Listen to what Jill had to say about Grocery University:

“I have been couponing successfully… but haven’t been about to save measureable amounts.  My rate of spending was around the same as it always had been.  I was stuck at the 46% point no matter what I did.

Thankfully, Grocery U came out at this time.  I have three shopping trips under my belt and I am excited to report that ALL three are over 80% in savings… and I didn’t skimp on anything to make the numbers work. Wahoo!”

And another amazing testimonial from Danielle:

“I was feeling pretty discouraged about our finances and the fact that even though I’d been couponing for a little over a year I hadn’t seen any significant savings in our grocery bills.  My husband is generally not the type of person to get excited about “working coupon deals” and was more annoyed by the whole process than anything else.

I was listening to [Grocery University] on the computer while clipping coupons. My husband actually asked me to turn it up.

He was surprised by how down-to-earth and easy to understand your advice and explanations were! Up to this point, most of my exposure to coupons had been these crazy deals where you get 50 items for one penny IF you have all the right coupons from every available source!

Instead, you were talking about starting with the basics of menu planning, and not stocking up on things you can’t use, even if they only cost $1 each, etc. He actually sat and listened with me to the entire series!

We’re staying inside our grocery budget almost every month now.

Grocery University is for you. No one can ignore the fact that grocery prices are rising, and are predicted to continue to rise. Can your grocery budget expand at that same skyrocketing rate?

Listen to Samples

Grocery University is:

✓ A comprehensive strategy—not just a series of simple “how to” tips.

✓ Professionally compiled, original content in audio format—something not found anywhere else!

✓ Proven to help even the most seasoned bargain shopper.

✓ Taught by a professional instructor, who has gain expertise and experience teaching thousands of people in live workshops and online!

✓ Applicable to all lifestyles. It’s so well-rounded that anyone will be able to use this method, regardless of your diet or circumstances.

✓ Designed so you can learn on the go—while you work, in the car, while working out, or even when making dinner.  Just listen and learn!

How much would your life change if you could spend two hours listening to the Grocery University course and be completely equipped to start saving 30%, 40%, 50%, or more every time you go to the store?

Download Grocery University

Grocery University

You can simply download Grocery University right now, or keep reading to learn more. The immediate download can be played directly from your computer (PC or Mac) or from an portable MP3 player (e.g. iPhone, iPod, Zune, etc.) You will receive an email with your download link after you complete your purchase.

These women are coupon newbies & grocery gurus. Watch what they’re saying about Grocery University!
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Still not convinced?

But I only spend $50 per week now. Can Grocery University really help me reduce my budget even more?

Yes! Even an experienced coupon shopper who knows all the ins and outs of “couponing” and sale shopping will reduce their budget even more by using the Grocery University strategy. That means that even if you only spend $50 per week on groceries, Grocery University will help you reduce that spending even further.

“I can honestly say this is the
most comprehensive training material

that I’ve seen. I’ve read books and attended workshops, but this course covers absolutely every aspect of ‘couponing’ in a well-organized and enjoyable manner.”

~Lisa, experienced bargain shopper

I’ve been couponing for years, how much more is there to know?

Yeah right, you say. I’ve been couponing for years now and there’s no way I’m gonna learn anything new. No. Way.

Now, I want to be polite about this, but I think Grocery University can prove you wrong. Even an experienced coupon shopper who knows all the ins and outs of “couponing” will learn new information from this series. You may know how to get free stuff, but have you actually reduced your budget by much? There’s a lot more to the Grocery University strategy than just getting free shampoo.

I don’t use coupons. Will I still learn strategies to help save money?

Maybe you’re on a gluten-free diet or eat only organic foods. Can you still learn from Grocery University?

The answer is a resounding YES! We’ll tell you how to get coupons for organics and other all-natural products. But, even aside from that, the information in Grocery University is so well-rounded that ANYONE will be able to transform their budget – including people who don’t use ANY coupons.

Can’t I get this information for free online?

Yes! Well, sort of. Some of this information – but not all – can be found online for free. In fact, you can find information about almost anything for free online.

So why should you pay for it?

The same reason you send your kids to college. The same reason you go to the doctor. The same reason you still call up your Mom for advice.

The internet is full of free advice on couponing and bargain shopping. If you want to spend a few days of your life researching, bookmarking, and Googling “how to save money on groceries” and then another few days reading all the information, and then another few days trying to put all that information into a comprehensive strategy (and hope that it works), go ahead. (I’m cheap, too.)

But if you want information that goes deeper than any blog series or eBook, that’s compiled in a easy-to-digest audio format, instruction from an experienced teacher, and insider tips you won’t get anywhere else, Grocery University is for you.

How much time does it take to implement this strategy each week?

Yes, it does take time each week to save money on your grocery bill, just like it takes time to save money in any other area of life. What we’ve found is that even though many people are stretched for time right now, they need to save money even more than they need more time!

You could go get a part-time job and earn a little extra money to continuing overpaying for groceries, or you could simply spend an hour each week implementing the super shopper strategies detailed in Grocery University and cut your grocery bill.

“I learned quite a bit and I thought I knew everything.”

-Jessica, host of the popular Frugal Fridays at Life As Mom


Download Grocery University

Grocery University
Even though this course could help you save HUNDREDS of dollars every month, Grocery University is priced at just $9.97 so that everyone can afford to learn these strategies. You could save that much just on your trip to the store this afternoon!

Plus, you’ll also get the Grocery University Price Database PDF absolutely free!

Can’t wait to get started? The link above will take you straight to our secure checkout system. You can use a credit card or Paypal, and your order will be emailed to you upon completion of payment.

Our 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Risk GuaranteeI’m so confident that the Grocery University seminar will teach anyone how to drastically reduce their spending that we have a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not completely thrilled with the money you’re saving. Just contact us within 60 days of purchase if you’re not satisfied and we’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

The Only Risk is Walking Away

Look at your grocery receipts from the last few weeks. How much would you have saved if you reduced those by 50%? So, you’re skeptical. What if it reduced your spending by “just” 20%? (Still a nice chunk of change, isn’t it?)

What are you waiting for? Purchase Grocery University today and get equipped to transform your finances!

Download Grocery UniversityGrocery University